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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Stubborn Eyelids

I guess I should begin this blog/journal with the admittance that this is primarily being used to ward off my current, yet chronic, and ironically tiresome battle with insomnia. I cannot sleep. My mind won't let me , but rattles on. Images giving shape to thoughts, thoughts giving shape to emotions, and finally emotions giving shape to actions. My action being either getting really angry and ranting around like a madman, or doing something constructive....like pouring all these racing thoughts that my mind obsesses over onto paper, hoping to type them the next day.
So, I finally give in to this new technological fad...."blogging" around 3:30am, Saturday morning, sometime in February. Last night I didn't sleep til 4:00. -And that was with the aid of 3 Tylenol P.M.'s and Nyquil. I think my roommate thinks I'm a lunatic for I was in some sort of drunken stupor/rage. Ripped another shirt of mine. Too many shirts of mine are gone because of this.
Wow, this does work a little bit, I just yawned twice in 3 minutes. Maybe I can sleep NOW...and maybe this blog will contain more than me waiting at the port to be shipped to that delightful world of dreams, but......Wait!....I feel sleep slowly creeping its way up to me...Maybe
I should...goodnight...everybody.
.....False Alarm. ...Sorry, sorry...No sooner when I clicked the light off and snuggled my head down inside my pillow, than all these other thoughts came to me about all the things I could write about on this new blog of mine. About my Spanish class, about this librarian I'm beginning to date, about all kinds of daily adventures that happen to me. I was thinking of all the words I could use, and all the points of view I could show, of the great and wonderful times we'll share together....you as my readers....I as your writer. I'm just so excited about it all. There are so many things to tell...I...I...Hold on, on 2nd thought, i feel sleep again...It's funny...I...Goodnight.
....Okay, i've had enough, another false alarm. I'm so tired of not being tired. I'm going to go for a drive and gets some moonlight. It's about 4:30, I'll sleep another day.


Blogger Jovan said...

Brian! Yesssss! Although I am concernd about you and your insomnia.I am thrilled to see you are joining the blogging community. Blogger land needs writers like you. I will read your blog religiously as long as I have the desire. =)

Hey, I remembered that time me and you were going to get something to eat in Panama City, FL one night and you had that sunburn that itched real bad and you ripped your shirt like the Hulk in my Sentra. That was kinda of funny to me. I've never actually tried to rip a shirt off my back before. It must take incredible strength of rage because Bruce Banner could only do it when he went green. I think of another "Hulk" who could perform this feat and thats Terry "Hulk" Hogan of the WWE. But his shirts didn't have a collar.

Whats the technique? Do you rip from the bottom up or the top down?

Brian... you have the best wooing technique of any man I know. That should give you some peace of mind at night to know that you can pick up a librarian with quite an unorthodox approach. ok that's all... Blog On!

8:04 PM  
Blogger Britt said...

Hey Brian, this is your favorite sister, what an excellent first blog you have going on here. Words of wisdom for sure! I'm excited you are coming home this weekend. and I love you! umm, secret is my fake blog, you can go there and get to my real one at

9:38 PM  
Blogger Carmelle said...

I actually had to become a.... blogger... whatever that is, just to comment on your writing. Anyways, read them both and I hope you continue to write because its like reading poetry.

11:01 AM  

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