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The Dashing Life and Exuberant Times of Brian Harrison....And Other Rare Anecdotes

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Letter to St. Valentine

My stars must have Valentine’s Day confused with April Fool’s Day. Somewhere there was a glitch in the ordering. The spinning angels that prescribe the seasons got dizzy with my portion of holiday themes and dishes out from their weighty deck of cards the 1st of April for the 14th of February. There’s got to be sleight of hand involved. -A missing Queen of Hearts up Fate’s sleeve. The draw every year is an empty-laughing Joker misshuffled by a stumpy-handed baby called Love. Well, I want my refund from this gamble. Out on the streets today there’s a child that paints all the stores pink and red but leaves the whole world blue. Some say he wears wings, others say nothing but innocence, for me he’s dressed as a jester with coxcomb hat and jingling bells. His singing arrows sting, searing the word “Fool” on the hearts of victims. His bells I can hear ringing and skipping down the hallway, though his face…I can’t even tell you if I’ve seen it. But I must duplicate my day’s mascot and laugh at it all. Perhaps, by April, I’ll be paying homage to this sugary day onto the altar of sweetened lips, for now its wild banter and pranks…A Fool’s Heart’s Theme.