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Monday, April 16, 2007

A Stream's Song

Golden dream and sacred song, where they glisten,
Sparkling in the bright, cheery-throated day,
Where all falls to stop and pause and listen,
At what the chanting river has to say.

The surge has kissed the river's heart,
And now she sings in gushing joy,
Rolling in laughter's flowing art,
Happy, but still running; loud, but coy.

How all of nature is silent in poise,
Waiting to hear her spirit's giggling tune,
Emptied out from the earth's cavernous joys,
Charging all with life on this glorious afternoon.

The frolic and the foam, her bubbling breath,
Has charmed me and charmed the dark earth,
Her song dancing in the glance of death,
A perpetual dalliance of undying mirth.


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