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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Inspiration When Looking on the Sea

I have watched the waves slap past the footprints of the sun,
When all is molten gold and blue poured out to mingle with sea-sung horizon,
Sometimes I look across the ocean and feel the savage yearning,
The drowsy shoreline yawns and sinks into the noontide half-churning,
For grandeur and freedom harmonized and rolled into the tides turning.
I look within, and abroad, and how everything's burning.

The light that flits and dances ontop the heaving, freezing sea,
Blinds and bedazzles, breaks and scatters me.

I carry within myself the remnants of my broken self
My best efforts of light and love have all fallen off the shelf.

And yet even in my shattered fragments half buried in the sand,
I sense the fathomless Ocean and His whispering hand upon the land.

Ah, how I have borne a darkness in my breast.
Where all is void, all is nothingness; -That undying spark blest,
Fanned into a fury fire consuming
Every hope and joy looming.
(I now clutch my heart and confess)
Is that odd observance blooming,
Of life caught and named at the crest,
And a blind eye to its subsequent sinking.
If this rise and fall is true, this perpetual blinking,
Dear Lord, please give us rest!

The ocean swells in continuous roar,
From laughter, from crying,
From wanting, wanting more.
But suspended above the sea and shore,
The high colors are flying,
Of late afternoon. The vibrant blue shying,
Into pink. -A fancy turniquet to my bleeding core.

Even now, a grace wafts in from the sea.
I've felt its fervent trance before,
I've danced to its glee.
I've hungered and thirsted,burned and begged, searched and stammered, and all but longed, just to be free.

The entire earth is bound with a door.
There is a window in our souls,
While we fret and fiddle our helpless selves on the floor,
A faint ocean melody rolls,
And every now and then we hear the sound,
Kept in the heart's faultless rhythm and pound,
The music seeps from the skies to the sea.
The door, it opens; our eyes,they see,
The Man ravishly cloaked in eternity.
Who has walked on the splash,
And the lowing swell of tragedy.
Somewhere caught between our fall and the crash,
Our pride and despair; we glimpse this flash,
May we lash it to our souls unendingly,
And brightly murmur the flowing, Spirit-laden sea,
And once and for all be truly free.


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