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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Things As of Now

Spring break....last week....i meant to write, and write, and write, but as you can see...i have not done so. I think I tend to think about what i will write about instead of actually sitting down to write about whatever I am also thinking about, do you see. But somehow laziness found me as it always does and I am currently apologizing for it. Since so much happened and i don't want to write every little thing down and also how most of our stories and information always revolves around other people I will give you this past week in short characterized form:

Jonathan Towell: He retrieved the old wrestling suits. Dressed up like "Spiderdog" and went for another whoop at the Wafflehouse in Searcy. Ended up mistaking Jonathan's car for another and when i approached, realized that it was not his car but a carload full of angry young rednecks. A car chase ensued where I finally managed to shake them.

Brittney Harrison: My sister turned 19 last Sunday. She had 3 parties. One which was surprise where I arrived a day back in town before she thought I was to arrive. There was a mad game of twister, dancing, cake, and more cake, videos, a mock proposal, a grill-out, and karaoke, and more fellowship and fun than can rightfully be called a party for my sister.

Jovan Barrington: Youth ministering as usual. Rode with him to a conference. Had great talks about women, God, and crazy stories from high school...some how these can all be tied together...i will devote my life as to finding this connection.

B-Diddy: Same guy that I remember. It was good to see him again. Was dared by him and Joe to go up to a coat salesman at this conference with a European officer's hat on and pretend to be a Nazi and not speak a word of English while all the while, attempting to try on a coat and mumbling gibberish in frustration while the fidgety salesman tried to aid my ranting try-on . Did this, and it was pretty funny.

Brad Clayton: Spent some time catching up with him. Just like ole times. Hearing this great coffee-house bard ramble out his stories one after the other.

Brett Harrison: My brother, teacher in Tennessee and soccer coach. Went to see some of his kids play soccer this past weekend. The whole family got to spend time together there in the rolling hills of Tenn.

Bill Watkins: Old preacher, I got to hear him twice this past week when I haven't heard him in the past 5 years. It was as it always was very encouraging.

So that sums the whole events of the week. But my thoughts always seem to be different from outer experience (or reality). As well as my feelings. Maybe i'll share the accumulation of these later. Or maybe I'll just keep on experiencing new and interesting things, we'll both see.


Blogger Jovan said...

I look forward to you coming home to Dothan again friend. I have the best times with you.

Or maybe it will be me in Arkansas... maybe... =)

9:46 PM  
Blogger Britt said...

Good Times keep them rolling, I'm glad you came home, I've missed you! I'm going to the beach next week! don't be jealous, I'll take the video camera and show you everything! I love you!

6:01 PM  

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