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Monday, March 09, 2009

A Lenten Reflection on Looking Up at the Night Sky

The Kingdom of God is like a glimmering full moon unsheathed and untarnished. Our souls, or my soul, is like the inky blanket of night. Dark, ominous, and immovable. But how the Kingdom of God shines even though it is only a small hole of light ripping through the broad fabric of Self giving amazing visibility and sublimity to all it pours over. And how vast the stretches of non-light these nighttime heavens and hells reveal. –This wide, wide sky is all of myself yet to be transformed. Some is darkness that is panting to be turned into light. Much is darkness that is hiding from the light. But yet this moon still encases all into an exuberant gleeful glow.

And perhaps we as humans all are dark nights. With here and there stars as little remnant specks of some distant dreams of divinity. How broken and scattered and incomplete is this light. And for the most part the sky hangs as a massive canvas of opaqueness. But how much difference does even a little bit of space that I give up for that silver-kissed moon make giving luster to a lusterless night?


Blogger rachelhendrix.com said...

absolutely beautiful. nuf said.

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