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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Americans

It appears that I've joined the work force again with an international hodge podge set of characters. This time, the group is limited to native English speakers. I believe we all hold degrees of some sort, but we've come from all over. Mostly South Africans, Canadians, Americans, the British, and a Kiwi. The ones living in this building, we are divided up between 2 schools owned by the same company called Jayeon. Besides me, there are 4 other Americans. One of these, is this girl from Texas who speaks fluent Korean; she's been here for 7 or 8 years. She's the manager of the foreign teachers here. And sort of helps run things regarding us. Though, she doesn't lord over us. I hardly see her now that I'm settling in. She's a professional. Hyper organized and super driven. You know, those types of people. I like her and I think she's incredibly good at what she does.

There is this other guy, a large fellow, named Bill who lives a floor down from me. A loud-talking, Soju-guzzling epicurean from North Carolina or Massachussetts. I think he was raised in the the latter state because he doesn't have an accent and doesn't act Southern. I mean, he's a Red Sox fan if that tells you anything. And he's got one of those Polish last names that only Northerners have. And I think he lived as an adult in North Carolina, after college and all that. I think he's afraid of religion. Brought up Catholic....that sorta thing. He's alot of fun though. He, apparently, sold lubricants to racing car companies and racing car drivers in NC before coming here. He likes to get drunk, and he likes to get loud, and I believe he likes to say offensive things in the presence of females, or really everyone for that matter. Its his way of bonding. But deep down, I think he's really a softie, very sensitive, and doesn't want many people to see it.

The other American is this girl that I've only had one conversation with. Mainly, because at this point I've only seen her once. She's from California and is dating this English guy who also lives in our building and whom I also have seen only a few times. The last American is an African-American from Oklahoma. He's a nice guy, humorous, highly effeminate. A homosexual. I was offered the extra room he had in his apartment. I'm not a homophobe and I can't stand all the condemnation...but I declined. It would be too awkward. But really, I guess the truth is, I would've turned down living with anyone for that matter. I'm in love with my own solitude. Especially after a day of teaching.

Well, looks like I covered the Americans. Hopefully, I'll get around to some of the other tenants from the other countries. Ones that I see more often. For all these Americans, are currently at the other school. I'm the only American at my school.


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