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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Revolt of Sequence

I can tell you by self-assured oaths and lamp-lit rooms, that I have proposed my very own revolt. What else can I say....I hear its conspiracy knocking at my door every time I lay my head on my pillow hoping for some sort of relief...that is to slip very softly and peacefully into happy slumber. But I am not so fortunate.
No, my inner clock runs on a different time than most of the living world. For all of us have these inner clocks that keep the impression of set times and sequences, when this should be done or that should be done. Mainly, when the rhythmic sense alarms the body that it is time for sleep or food. But for some strange reason, my rhythmic alarm is all out of sync with everyone else's. So I've decided just to forget it all....No use in trying to cram my own catty-wonkered needs into the concrete schedules of the earth and its pressuring society. Nope, I'm going to sleep when I feel like it. Eat when my stomach growls for it. And attend meetings, class, and social situations whenever the event suits my mood.
I mean, as if the whole idea of us, having to consume food, drink, and sleep in order to survive wasn't already as annoying enough and already the basis for so many of the world's tragedies, we then have to add on to it this whole system of "this is when we must sleep", and "this is when we must eat", thereby further sealing the prison bars in our own prison cells. And for this reason, I now pronounce my straight-forward proclamation....that we of the modern era, in our victorious attempt at mass-producing beyond our needs, we, in our hazily-drawn line between resplendent luxuries and basic dependencies, we......get too much sleep and eat way too much.
-That's a fact, bottomline.
How much has the advancement of civilization been hindered because of our pillows? What if every single soul that lived and breathed on this earth since the days of Noah until the present age, what if every one of these humans gave up one hour of their sleep every night that they were resting on this earth? How much more advanced would we be?
So, for the reasons listed above, I will no longer sweat under my blankets wondering when the closure of sleep will take me. No, I resolve to convince myself beyond a doubt, that 8-7 hours of sleep a night is way too much and that there are countless other useful things to be done. Just 3 extra hours of reading a night would allow me to sift through a couple of books per week, that would then propel me through whole volumes in a month's time. My social life at the WaffleHouse could really pick up, I could be the most popular local there. -And the things that I could write....the ideas that I'd come up with....Do you see? Am I making any sense?....What if Edison had done the same? Why, his lightbulb would be the dimmest spark of his inventing output. And what about Whitcomb L. Judson? Well, you probably never heard of him. He invented the zipper. -And the reason you never heard of him is because he insisted on sleeping when everybody else slept and only invented the zipper in the daytime. He could've invented Velcro at night, and then he would be a real crazy-haired inventing madman.
Like the cycles of nature, days to nights, summers to winters, full moons to new moons, we somehow, mistakenly believe that we should do likewise. But man is forever cut off from nature, therefore he should specify the cycles of his own nature. And fight, fight against the closing of one's eyelids so easily, and strive to leave one's own rhythmic mark.


Blogger Jovan said...

Chase Burkhalter got me this evening. We were sitting down waiting for our check to come after dinner when he looked up and said, "Hey look its Brian Harrison." I turned around all giddy yelling "where?!" I believed that you were just random enough to do something like that...
I see you're still having trouble sleeping. You may have a point about the sleep thing. Our theologian friend Dallas would tell you that you only need 4 to 5 hours of sleep each night. As would our friend B-Diddy. But you have a condition... they just choose not to... Much love.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Brian Harrison said...

You know, Jovan, actually the thought never ever occurred to me to swing down there to Mexico, but now that you've mentioned it....it's quite the temptation. If I hadn't a spend so much already on car repairs this past week, i may have just paid you, the youth group, and Paco, a little visit.
....I guess that explains alot of Dallas and B-Diddy's knowledge of the Bible, them skipping so many hours of sleep. But I wonder what Bryan would say about skipping appropriate meal times?

2:33 PM  

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