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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Conclusion

....and continuing....
Now the day was set as though God up in the heavens had catered it all sending the uniting couple sunlight and cool breezes. -But we were inside most of the day, except for photographs. I wish that I could tell every little detail about the wedding, all the speeches, the color of the bridesmaids' dresses, even the bride's Uncle Eli who surprised everyone by showing up with his 2 foot long handlebar mustache. -But I won't get into any of that. For the girls who read this I don't want to compete with their own imaginations, for every girl has a vision of the perfect wedding and to elaborate may not coincide with that perfect vision. -And for the guys who read this....I wish not to bore you...as well as bore myself. I will just mention that had it been an X-Men themed wedding. I would've bothered to jot all the details down. Besides this whole story of my trip is enormously longer than I had first intended.
Now, I will mention this, all the while Ryan was placed in an awkward situation. I mean, I applaud the guy wholeheartily. He was still traveling, by himself though he's married. His wife Jessica couldn't join for she is pregnant. Wow, what troopers. Most of my married friends have to beg and plead when asking to go to the supermarket by themselves, but across the country, through NYC, and up to Canada, and with Brian Harrison, why maybe there is a way to be wed and not imprisoned. Let Ryan and Jessica Woods be professional marriage counselors. Now, Jessica is due in August. No time soon. No date that Ryan need worry about. He had a good two or three months before he would have to shift into a diaper-changing father. But for some very rare reason, Jessica began to feel something kick inside her very early and at the same time that her husband was off with Brian Harrison in NYC and Canada. So she went to the hospital and there the doctor told her that if she wouldn't have come in then she would've given birth to a very premature baby. She was given a bunch of shots and this kept little Ryan Jr. from joining us in this life too early. As you can guess, this was a whole lot for Ryan to be separated from his wife at a time like this.
My friend Jeremy was married on that fateful day. And who on this earth knows if that day since ages upon ages ago, that day was written where Jeremy and Christine would seal their lives together. Some say no, that there is no such ink that holds and forms what is written to what actually occurs. Others argue, yes, our lives are but the parchment for one powerful penpoint to carve its will into us. All I can tell you in all my thinking and reading is that to believe one wholeheartily without the other is the main error.
So whether some star winked above its rigorous signal for these two souls to be one, or whether the two of them having complete dominion, blew their own decisive love like the power and sound of a trumpet heralding the meeting of two streams merging into one river, it matters little. But on that day this couple left joined to one another like the sunshine and the blue of the sky.
Now as for the wedding, I must mention this for it is humorous. For some reason or other, one in which I cannot at all comprehend, Jeremy made this guy who was legally blind an usher. His name was Frank, a very nice guy, and I'm sure he could welcome and talk to the people he was escorting, in a very kind way. But this doesn't change the fact that he sees fuzzy shapes and colors instead of clear objects and people . I don't know what that sounds like to you. But it's practically a walking disaster for a wedding. It may even be kind of cute and politically correct, that is until Aunt Elmira is lead right smack into the wedding cake. Well, miraculously nothing of the sort happened. In fact, the rumor goes that Frank really isn't blind at all, he just pretends to be, to get certain attention. I should know I wrestled the boy the night before. When we were all deck out in primitive garb on that soccer field. He held his own for a partially blind man, but I eventually took him down. Aha! The miscreant! But to be honest I was rather amazed at his wrestling abilities for such a person with poor vision. Then I found out that he was on a wrestling team back in high school. So, I'm begining to see that perhaps he just fakes the whole thing. Anways, I digress.
The day after the wedding was when Ryan and I were to go back to NYC to catch our flights back home. We didn't have any bus tickets or anything so our mode of transportation was very rare, in fact so rare that I only plan on taking this same ride only one more time in my life. Folks, we hitched a ride with the honeymooners. Yes, Jeremy and Christine were headed down to Florida for their honeymoon, so they said that we could join them on their journey southwards until we got to the Big Apple again. This was a ride of 6 hours through New York State. Ryan thought about busting out his camera again and filming, "Honeymoon 2005" with all 4 of us in it. There are a few things that you must hold your tongue when riding on a long trip with some honeymooners. #1) Don't start chatting about the groom's old flames. I almost did, but stopped myself before it was too late. #2) Whether its the bride or the groom driving, never call shotgun and demand the shotgun rule. #3) Never make subtle comments on how the groom is now whipped. There are countless others, and most of these deal with just the awkwardness that comes with being 2 wayward journeyers catching a ride with brand newly-weds. Oh and I must mention. #4) Peeing in bottles is a no-no.
We arrived at the Johnson's, the people who so graciously took Ryan and I in before. Now, it was getting late, and Jeremy and Christine were very tired. So Mrs. Sherry offered to take them in a night also. So the two honeymooners spent their 2nd night together in a stranger's home. I had to warn Jeremy that his bedroom was next door to their 11 year old son's. He heeded my advice, being as tired as he was. And the next morning, after wishing the honeymooners the best of wishes, Ryan and I left before the honeymooners left on a train for New York. We had a whole day in NYC so we walked by the Empire State Building which costs 14 dollars to get in and the wait is way too long. And then we went to FAO Schwarz, the famous toy store in the movie BIG. That's where we found the giant floor piano where that scene with Tom Hanks and that old guy takes place. After playing on that for awhile, I believe that my trip to New York City was complete. I flew out that night, circling the Manhattan Island and seeing all those buildings reaching towards the heavens with the Empire State Building beating them all. And then way off in the water, almost a speck I could still see the Statue of Liberty.
The End


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