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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Making of a Super, Mega, Dynamic, Power-Packed, Lazer-Beaming Wedding

A Continuation…
That whole patch of Canada that I’m familiar with was bustling with preparations for the wedding. –And Ryan and I arrived in the thick of it. Jeremy Bojarski, our friend from Aim was marrying the daughter of a French Canadian carpenter. Her name is Christine, followed by something French that I can’t pronounce, and which is no longer all that important, seeing how now as I write this she’s taken a Canadian rendition of the Polish surname, Bojarski. Their story is an interesting one. Jeremy, age 28, had been a soft-hearted bachelor for quite a while. His first encounter with his soon-to-be wife was nearly two years ago around the same time as my visit to Canada. Christine, and the time, was dating and was very close to another guy who was hanging out with the Cornwall group.
And now some words about this Cornwall group. The church in Cornwall, Ontario is very small. Therefore, community within a group is much closer than what the majority of most Americans believe church to be. The words “faith community” and “sharing lives” are no longer just nice phrases within a church pamphlet or slung up on a billboard sign. These words are hardly uttered. There’s no need. For none of these words need be consciously simulated for they are unconsciously assumed and worn whenever Christianity is lived. Automatic behavior is never asserted or sold to anyone. It lives on its own accord. This is one of the main reasons I thought about moving up there and going to school 2 years ago.
With this, Jeremy has a very imaginative, fun, and completely weird way of depicting this group. What I’m about to write now will make many of you smirk, and many of you shake your heads, but I know that each one of us still has a little kid locked inside our hearts, so if you wish, tap into that kid and read the next paragraph with his or her juvenile eyes. Get ready for this.
Jeremy is a tremendous fan of X-Men, especially for a 28 year old. He collects their comic books and their action figures. Because of the situation of the X-Men, their misfit ensemble of highly diverse superheroes on a mission to make the world a better, more accepting place, Jeremy has paralleled this comic book world with that of Christianity. All of us have our flaws and yet have our gifts, but each works on a team, striving against evil for good. Yes, kind of lame, I know. –But it sure beats the 4 songs, a sermon, and a handshake mentality that seems to be the ideology of the church where I’m from.
Henceforth, this tight-knit group of Canadians all has their own personal X-Men character that they are. Jeremy, who looks and acts like one of the essential leaders, is Cyclops. Now, I must add that in no way does Jeremy actually believe himself to be this laser-squinting superhero, he just sort of pretends, like a child does. Not by running around shooting imaginary beams from his eyes, but by writing emails and signing off as “Cyclops”. He pretends and plays in an adult sort of way. To be completely honest, I find the whole thing kind of intriguing. On my first visit up to Canada, I couldn’t wait to receive my character. That’s how it is, folks. Laugh if you want, call it silly if you’d like. I certainly did when he first told me about his X-Friends. –But it wasn’t long until I was wondering just what superhero I would be. The X-Friends group plays along but not to the same extent that Jeremy does. In their group, there is Jeremy’s brothers, Colossus and Nightcrawler. There is Jubilee, which is Jeremy’s fiancée, Christine. Warlock and Long Shot are new editions. Then there’s Psylock and Jane Grey and a bunch of others that I can’t remember right now. Oh and I used to date Rogue, but she’s married to Quicksilver now. My X within an X-group. Yes, even in mutant group of crime-fighters soap operas are still rampant. And then there’s Professor-X, Jeremy’s father. Storm and Wolverine were captured or killed awhile ago. –But you never know when they may return. As for my character, I was dubbed Cannonball. Because of my blonde hair, my southern heritage, and my quick, impulsive attitude interchanged with a laid-back style, I was transformed into this X-Men character who fell into a mine shaft in Kentucky who flies around like a rocket and who is practically invincible during his fiery flight.
All during the while I was crossing my fingers hoping that Jeremy and Christine’s wedding was going to be an X-Men themed ceremony. I mean, when else could an opportunity occur when a completely original wedding could take place. I’ve been in many weddings thus far. I’m sick of tuxes. I’m ready for a person with true originality to get married, so that their wedding is something that even other people, the guests, remember and not just the couple being wed. Heck, I’d be willing to bet that many couples get a little fuzzy on the details with their own wedding days, seeing how all ceremonies are so uniform. So why not an X-Men themed wedding? The wedding party could all wear our save-the-world get-up and enter the chapel in our characteristic modes of entry. All those characters with a gift of flight could swing in from stage wires. A couple fireworks and a bang, would really do well for those characters with some kind of dynamic superpower. And for those characters with superhuman strength, they could walk up in their respective tux or bridesmaid dress and then with animal savagery could rip it off, their gleaming X-Men costume shining underneath.
Nevertheless, I was disappointed when I found out that Jeremy and Christine had opted for a normal wedding. Jeremy, however, did tie in the whole X-Men them at his rehearsal dinner. He gave his speech, showing his appreciation for both his friends and family, using the X-Men ideal as an illustration. Then all the guys there received a gift from Jeremy. They were dog tags just like the X-Men wear. They had our X-name, our real name, our baptism date, and the X-Men symbol on it. Which is interesting the X is very similar to a cross. Then the nighttime bachelor ceremonies began which was like stepping off into another fantasy world. To be Continued….


Blogger папа said...

Ahhhh... Childish play...the carefree joy of slight responsibility...I am afraid that Jeremy will all too soon meet the new and exciting X men named
"Pastdue", "Overdrawn" and most importantly.."Not without me, your not!" Just kidding, hopefully his marriage will remain blissfully happy. "Communication" "Patience" and "Unselfishness" will be the X men that can ensure this partnership weather the torrid storms of two becoming one and remaining one.

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