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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Off to the Mountains

It hasn't been too long back at home, only a week, that my back is getting to feel ruptured from sleeping on a padded mattress. Yep, it's time to be off again. This time I am going to the Rockies for a good while. A friend of mine from Harding, Sean, is traveling from his home in West Virginia to a Muslim Missions Conference in Colorado Springs. I am going to meet him in Nashville this Saturday in his journey west. Then the both of us will head over to the Rockies and it is very probable that we just might pick up my old highschool friend Anthony, who is in Illinois, who has just received his Masters in Philosophy. But his going is all speculation right know. What I do know is that I will be hiking some very large mountains for the next 2 weeks and living off raisins, crackers, dried fruit, and granola bars and sleeping where ever I tend to stop and lay my head under the stars. I tend to view this next excursion as a sort of a sabbatical. I hope to grow closer to God and to continue to learn things about myself. I just may wrestle with the demons of my doubts and fears, and fight against the darkness of my own sin, and stumble into God's care and I just may find the courage, confidence, determination, and faith to climb some of the mountains that are before me. Both physically and spiritually. Life is a fine mixture of brilliant symbols. I hope to ascend upwards in my spiral path. This is a spiritual quest. What I hope to find....we shall see. So I'm off....going actually to Nashville tonight.


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