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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another Post Finally

Dear reader,
I am having the hardest time writing. I do not have any difficulty thinking up subject matter. I'm afraid that I don't have the time for exposing that subject matter. It's not that I'm up to my ears in busyness, however, it's just that I find myself burdened with scrupulous, middling school work that zaps a man's productive energies. It's not that I lack creativity nor ideas, either. Trust me, I have quite a substantial doseage of creativity wanting to pore out every facet that I put my mind to, that I find it hard to function in society. The imagination is a captivating body of water. Those who plunge in may never return to the surface world of the rest of society. With eyes turned backwards, that person will never walk like they do, talk like they do, eat like them, sleep like them, and so on. I cannot write my papers the way the academia would like me too. I cannot learn the grammatical rudiments of a language very well. I cannot in every single circumstance whether in the classroom or in the social hall, keep from wanting to do something totally bizarre and off-the-wall. And the more pressured and trapped I become, the more I feel like doing even more bizarre things.
It's been such an eventful summer. I'm hardly over it. I forgot what it was like to spend so much energy on trivial things, ( all very necessary to get that nice little slip of paper called a degree.)
Yes, I've grown lazy over the summer. And tend to crave those days where I have absolutely nothing to do. And on those special days, all that I hope to do is just that.....absolutely nothing. So instead of writing or reading, I would find the time walking around looking for other people who like doing absolutely nothing, also, and both of us, or the group of us, if lucky, supporting each other in our inactivity. -And if alone, then I can make proper use of my time daydreaming. My favorite past time. I can sit in one place for the longest time thinking about nothing. Just letting my mind wander.
But, I conclude, saying that I've finally gotten down to writing again. I feel that I must in order to keep my sanity. Or at least the 2/3rds that's there. I've noticed in the past half a year or so of keeping up a blog that turning to the pen or the keyboard sort of releases most of my darker moods. It refreshes my mind to a point where I feel freer. Writing gives wings for those who are tired of their feet. So, I say all that only to say that I want to be writing more and should be but I'm so freaking lazy. I have so much to tell......There I already feel better.


Blogger Jovan said...

does blog have spam now???

Brian your blog deserves more comments and more readers than just some Samsung bot! I'm outraged this is your fist post in forever! Someone should inform blogger... but it won't be me cause that would require some action on my part. Come to Dothan you can come sit on my couch.

7:41 PM  
Blogger папа said...

Somewhere in the depths of my upbringing..I remember the words or approximate words..."Idleness is the DEVILS workshop". The older you get the more life crams into your existence however.Its like putting 10 lbs of flour in a 5lb bag. What with cell phones, email, telephones, computers, fax machines, microwaves,drive through windows and such helpful items of invention, we all have less time because more is expected of us quicker. No one can wait until tomorrow for anything. My does it make the day fly by though! The lives of the victims of the hurricane have temporarily slowed to a crawl, they have no job, have no home, have no phone, ect. I think I like the business our of life's better than the cards they were dealt.

3:08 PM  

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