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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Out of the Night and into the Day

The rain thunders down. It's been one busy day in the social world. Went fishing with a Louisianian die-hard Republican debater and an Albanian metrosexual. Jordan, the future lawyer from New Orleans fell in the water, getting river mud on his Ronald Reagan T-shirt. But he enjoyed himself anyway, even finding good fishing worms as he crawled out of the river. The Albanian, Ernst, sulked with his thick accent about the ordeal of this true Arkansas experience, that of fishing, and kept tangling his line up on logs and branches, hoping not to get his European clothes dirty. I, who happened to come up to them while I was studying for a big test today out in the wilderness, stood there making comments on how I always bring bad luck to fishermen. That's why I never fish.
On my return back onto campus, thought to study but saw another friend of mine near the fountain, strumming his bass guitar sending his blues-like notes to mingle with the fountain waters. I walked over to him, to see what was going on. I began to study there as he played, this redheaded Arkansas boy we call Jace. Then, Rob with his bald head barren and dyed beard, stuts over with that distant glint of Russia in his eyes. Not long after his accompaniment on the steps, the newspaper photograher girl, walks over and asks Jace to pose with his guitar, that it really made one fine picture. I convinced the girl to allow me to be in the background in a thoughtful pose, as though looking off in the distance, staring at whatever old memory or inspiration his guitar strings were sending to my mind.
Went to class for the test. Passed it. The subject wasn't very hard. I've even retained some of the knowledge a couple of hours after spilling it out onto a scantron. King Alfred defeated the Vikings in 878 AD at the Battle of Reading.
After the test, found Scott, a Floridian who talked to me about his lady problems. I don't know why he thought that i had any solutions. About the only thing that i know is how to make things more interesting. I went to Backyard burger with Aaron and Chris. Two for one night. Was called later, by a friend from Colorado, Laniya, she invited me to Spring Sing. At first, I thought to skip out on this phenomenol event of our university, but I kind of wanted to see what everyone's been talking about, every since all my deacon's daughers and preacher's sons came to Harding.
I went with her and another friend of mine Chris. Sat throw the entire production, without yawning...I think, but I could be wrong. Chris was on my right, snapping pictures at every single performance. Laniya, was on my right, who I was trying to make funny remarks towards during the entire show. And there before me, was this vast phantasmogoria of swirling lights, and bright colors, jazzed sounds and movement, all sealed up in vibrant song. It was, at least entertaining. I came back to have prayer time with Justin Bland. We talked and prayed and it was probably the most impacting thing of the day.
Anyways, tomorrow, I head for Oklahoma for the Tulsa Workshop. I hope to see some people I haven't seen in awhile. I hope maybe find some open-door opportunities. I hope to have some tremendous fun


Blogger Kara Lipsmeyer said...

It's a long story how... but I have come across your blog. It's good to know that you are still alive and that Harding hasn't eaten you yet. (operative word- yet). So you mention Justin Bland. He's still hanging around Harding? It's good to know you are well and that your adventures have not stopped, my friend. Very good.

6:27 PM  

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