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Monday, July 24, 2006

Just Call Me Willy Wonka

What I am about to confess to you may very well astonish all, perplex many, and altogether insult a few. I have succumbed to intense pressure and...(no I'm not engaged or anything like that)...I just found myself submerged in something which I never would have foreseen...and would have laughed at had I caught wind of any of you involved in the same type thing. But I suppress no more information and admit that I, Brian Harrison, the very antithesis of businessmen...I, the wandering poet, far removed from materialism and questionnable dealings. I, the seeker of abstract themes, have just entered into the realm of network marketing.

It all began with my father who has always been involved in these business deals, who called me and I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was onto something apparently very hot. I could feel the aversion well up in my lungs as he talked on...until he announced what the product was...and so with the magic word, "Chocolate" the aversion was relieved and a curiosity had arisen. "Chocolate?" I thought to myself, "not just normal chocolate, but healthy chocolate. Chocolate that people could lose weight over. Chocolate that diabetics could actually eat, and it still tastes good. Why, I could possibly sell something like that."

But of course, there may be some inconsistencies that I may have to answer for. Namely, it was I that went tip-toeing around church after services a few years ago trying to escape from a friend of mine who just had to tell me about this great new phone plan. These friend-solicitors annoy the crap out of me...and I never want to be one of "those guys". However, there is a style, a way, an idea to go about things that may seem to work in similiar degrees but could be a world of a difference in another. Bottomline, what I say is that there is nothing worse in this world as lost opportunities. A failure is nothing but a lesson painfully won. But a missed opportunity is nothing at all...it just sucks courage, energy, ambition, and labels it all as zero, and a missed opportunity only teaches us to refrain from the daring leap or cling to our own false sense of security longer. So seeing a great opportunity gaping before me, after weighing and thinking things through, I jumped and took it. If it results in nothing but chasing wind, which I doubt, then it will at least be an experience and learning adventure of one of today's most rising business endeavors.

Network marketing is the purest form of capitalism. Instead of relying on set incomes to dictate to you how much you can and will make, this marketing strategy gives, with the right product, fair play to all who are willing to go far as they can. Of course, it's most advantageous to those who were quickest to arrive in the business the soonest. But that is the same for any business or matter if you truly look at it in an honest light.

But, as I always believed, its not so much about the money...as it is the freedom. I know I've heard it somewhere that time is our most valuable commodity. Perhaps potential would rival this. But regardless of the winner both are fed with freedom. And there is nothing so stifling to time and potential as a rat race that we are constantly feeding...with fear and greed. Ever stuck within...money controlling ourselves...instead of ourselves controlling money.

But enough theorizing. I've even constructed a website dealing with this chocolate. It's http://mxi.myvoffice.com/brianharrison/
It can tell you all about it. And then if you're really feeling brave and daring...you can call this number and I gurantee you that you will leave it knowing alot more about antioxidant dark chocolate. The number is 205-525-0668. Do it. I dare you.


Blogger папа said...

AHHH yes, FREEDOM!!!!, let freedom ring! Although many view "Networkers" as annoying persons that want to make money off of their friends, however, those same people have not watched a person at the point of tears thanking his or her sponser from a public stage for helping them earn a large income from home,a wife able to be there for their kids, a family becoming debt free, or simply not having a boss telling them what to do! Yes, residual income births freedom, freedom to do as you please, not as your "Superior" pleases. Why build wealth for the owner of the company? Many people frown on wealth....however...it is wealth that has sent many a missionary into the field, helped the poor, built a hospital and saved a family from ruin. Distribute your chocolate with zeal young man! Especially if it is HEALTHY chocolate! Naysayers will always be among us.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

Chocolate...interesting. I will like to watch what happens here. Good luck.

8:42 PM  

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